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Greenhouse Temperature Monitor Alarms When a greenhouse is fully functional, having something go wrong such as the temperature being too high or too low can cause a world of problems. The damage caused by extreme temperatures can be prevented if a temperature monitor is installed. Products range from local alarms to alert the user on their phone, or property dialers. Property dialers can call a neighbor, cell phone, landline anywhere in the world.  When there are conditions such as power failure, humidity extremes and intruders; those can be monitored as well. Various models allow the user to call the greenhouse for temperature changes, power status and other alarm sensors. *Temperature Monitoring Tip* Place the temperature sensor in an ideal spot that best represents the plants exposure The probe and/or sensor should be placed within the plants and at the same height as the ones being protected. Sensaphone Greenhouse Alarm Monitor - Can support up to four (4) temperature sensors, power and high noise - Inputs can be used to monitor external sensors such as humidity, water, motion and door switches - Call four (4) phone numbers - Clear spoken voice when dialed to the home unit Greenhouse Alarm Monitor with Data Logger - Advanced models of the Sensaphone will monitor up to eight (8) zones - Data log 32000 events - Track and log temperature fluctuations - Windows software is included - Graph and Display temperatures on a local computer Wireless Complete Alarm Monitor for Greenhouses Sensaphone WSG30 system is a wireless temperature alarm and monitoring system perfect for greenhouse monitoring applications. Each sensor has a particular range of 300 feet and can act as a repeater for additional wireless temperature or humidity sensors. WSG Water Leak Sensor Model: FGDWSG30SPOT - Built-in radio transmitter - Water sensing probes - Monitor presence of water at a particular location - Comes with three (3) AA batteries (Powers for up to two years) WSG Humidity Sensor Model: FGDWSG30HUM - Built-in radio transmitter - Humidity sensor - Comes with two (2) AA batteries (Powers for up to two years) - *Optional plug-in power supply - *Batteries then become backup if the main power supply fails WSG Power Failure Sensor Model: FGDWSG30PWR - Built-in radio transmitter - Detect loss of power at the outlet - Comes with two (2) AA batteries (Powers up to two years) - *AA batteries will power the sensor and allow it to transmit alarm information if the power adapter fails WSG Temperature Sensor Model: FGDWSG30TMP - Built-in radio transmitter - Built-in temperature element - Can attach a remote temperature probe (Refrigerator, Freezer, etc) - Comes with two (2) AA batteries (Powers up to two years) - Plug-in power supply is able to be used as the primary power source - *Batteries then become backup if the main power supply fails
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Greenhouse Temperature Monitoring Alarms