Greenhouse Alarms and Monitors

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sensaphone 400 temperature alarm

Greenhouse plant damage caused by temperature extremes may easily be prevented by a temperature monitor. These products range from local alarms to alert you on your property to dialers that can call a neighbor, your cell or any phone in the world. Conditions such as power failure, humidity extremes and intruders may also be monitored. Some models also allow you to call your greenhouse to check temperatures, power status and other alarm sensors.



Temperature Monitoring Tip.

Locate the temperature sensor in a location that best represents the plants exposure. Often this means placing the probe or sensor within the plants and at the same height as the plants being protected.


Sensaphone Greenhouse Alarm and Monitor

This model will monitor up to 4 temperature sensors, power and high noise. The inputs may also be used to monitor external sensors such as humidity, water, motion sensors or door switches. It will call up to 4 phone numbers when there is a problem and announce the alarm condition in a clear spoken voice.

Greenhouse Alarm Monitor with Data Logger

This advanced model will monitor up to 8 temperature zones and Data Log 32000 events. This will allow you to track and log temperature fluctuations to determine where and when problems occur. Windows software is included to graph and display temperatures on a local or remote computer.

Wireless Complete Alarm Monitor for Greenhouses

This new Sensaphone WSG 30 system is a wireless temperature alarm and monitoring system perfect for greenhouse monitoring applications. Each wireless sensor has a wireless range of 300 feet and acts as a repeater for additional wireless temperature or humidity sensors.

temperature alert

Wireless Temperature Alert

This is a excellent solution for alerting or waking you when your greenhouse temperature is too high or low. The sensor/transmitter sends a wireless signal up to 3000' away to the receiver. A pleasant chime sound from the receiver will warn you of the problem.